Thieves of the American Dream

I cant remember which date it was , but i know it was at the end of October probably on the 29th because it was on a Saturday. I watched my brother in law and his band called Thieves of the American Dream play on E street Cafe  in Encinitas . My brother in law and his band have been  playing  over at the cafe for gigs which usually take place either on a Friday or Saturday night.  Their style of music is post rock.  The band has been playing there for a few months over E street Cafe and seem to draw in bigger crowds everytime. This is a good thing because they bring in customers to local businesses and people get to hear free post rock music. so in short it all works out . The band generally plays for an hour and a half  and they also play in other areas of San Diego. There music has no lyrics and range from mellow  to high energy  variations quickly, so you never know what your going to get, which is pleasantly surprising. I have seen many of his gigs mostly at E street Cafe  and hopefully i will be able to see more of them.

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