The Year of Living Dangerously

Although i think the movie was pretty good , i found it be all over the place and here’s why:  First i don’t get why Billy kept files on people. Was it because like Jill said ” he cared about you if he did”? Secondly, was Billy writing a book on  his experiences in Jakarta?  They always show him typing . Lastly  what was the whole idea of Guy Hamilton being there?  I think there is quite a bit i am missing  and i am not sure how to understand some of it . I mean where they there to document civil unrest in Jakarta and “Billy” was there to be the voice for those who were being forgotten about? The movie was sad to ,people not having enough to eat, the one child died, and even Billy said they were “drinking and bathing from diseased water.”  Other than that the movie  wasn’t half bad especially with a young Mel Gibson.

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