john Carlos

On October 18th 2011, my class was invited to see and listen to a guest speaker by the name of John Carlos , John Carlos was a track athlete and bronze medalist during the 1968 Mexico City Olympics .  He made is mark  in the world that has carried on through history by raising his fist  in the air . That image was seen around the world.  We listened to him talk about his beginnings, the olympics and what he is called to do now.  This is a much more diluted version of what the lecture was about , but his story was interesting , he talked about overcoming adversity and when the cards seemed stacked up against you, you can knock them back down.  After the lecture that John Carlos told guests could have stayed to hear the poetry reading  read by a CSUSM graduate who was beginning his Doctoral degree in Claremont.  As a dedication to Mr. John Carlos  the student read a lengthy but powerful poetry reading. It was so moving and so strong with his words  it was hard to explain but he did a fantastic job. I had never been to to poetry reading before so this was the first time i have ever seen one . The  reader was flawless and the words flowed from his mouth as if he had been reciting this poem for years . It truly was a wonderful tribute especially made for  Mr. John Carlos.

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