Final Book Project

final  My experience of  this Final book project was a great deal of fun for me.  I chose to do the project on my family, all of who are married. My intent for this book was to capture the closeness of my family with each of their spouses. Because members of my family were scattered all around San Diego, I chose a location that was centralized and ideal for picture taking. During the short time that we spent taking pictures I captured some of the most endearing and gentle moments between them. There was a great deal of laughing and playing and all around general silliness between all of us, which made taking these pictures so very easy and natural. Because in truth, thats how we are. The   expressions they displayed  for these portraits were real and caught in the moment , not staged.  Would i do this photo book again? absolutely. As I said before I found it to be such an enjoyable experience. And it was about family. My family.

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MOPA Exhibit

IMG_0762On November 25, 2017 I had visited the MOPA museum at Balboa Park.  The two exhibits on display were Defining Boundaries and Point/Counterpoint.  The first thing that really caught my attention upon entering the exhibit was this massive wall of black/white pictures that spanned from the most recent to decades ago. The entire wall was filled top to bottom and end to end of portraits of people involved in various moments of life captured in a moment of time. These pictures showed people from every walk of life and involved in all things we call life, anything from marriage photos to school portraits to a simple picture taken at the beach. This truly was my favorite part of the exhibit. As I walked around and viewed the other photographic images of  the two exhibits there was one part of the the entire exhibit that I found the least enjoyable.  The Point /Counterpoint exhibition.

As I made my way through that part of the exhibit  I found myself looking at a set of four portraits clustered together. The portraits were the work of Guillermo Arias . These images showed the horrors of drug wars that are happening In Mexico. Of the four images shown, three showed deceased individuals. And the last portrait showed a family attending a funeral of one of their own who was killed. These images are emotionally charging and when I see images such as these, I can’t help but think about the devastation and anguish their families must be experiencing , Guillermo Arias did, he sought that grief in one image of a family who lost their loved one.

The second exhibit Defining Boundaries, I simply could not understand. Since I’m still puzzled about what I was looking at, I can’t say I understand it. What i did notice is that these images were taken by teenagers ,which I though was very creative,because this was their understanding and interpretation of barriers. In conclusion I found the museum to be informative and brought about a response from within.

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Photo booth

On October 31, 2017 I attended my sons preschool at Bethlehem Lutheran. Every Halloween the school does a party for all the children.  The children, teachers and parents can come dressed up. I was given permission to set up my photo booth project at the school by the schools director. I was pleasantly surprised of how many children, parents and  teachers were so willing to come forward and have their picture taken . I really enjoyed seeing all the costumes and the enjoyment of everyone there.  And with so many people there I feel I was able to get wonderful photographs of those who volunteered to help along with my photobooth project.

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Alphabet Pictures

Today November 13, 2017, our class was challenged to take find as many letters of the alphabet as possible in everyday outdoor surroundings . I managed to find several letters ,although not as many as I hoped for I believe the ones I have managed to find around campus weren’t too bad. The challenge is fun, but difficult at the same time . It is surprising how many letters can be found in just everyday things.Alphabet challenge

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  1. Street photography- Taking pictures of society and the people and landscapes within them. example: urban metropolitan areas.
  2. Ian Ruther : large colloidal plates using silver nitrate.
  3. side lighting- catching side of persons face, broad lighting- full frontal view, butterfly lighting – cast shadows of cheek and nose  and rembrant lighting.
  4.  PSD- file comes in layers in photoshop. Raw- file come straight of the sensor.
  5. metada
  6. Catalog- sorts your pictures.
  7. crop, gradient tool, airbrush , radial, red eye and spot removal.
  8. Aperture- known as f-stop -the smaller the f-top the more light comes in  whereas the larger the f-stop the less light comes through. Shutter speed- is measured in seconds for the lens to capture picture.
  9. A camera is a lightproof box with a small hole to view from.
  10. ISO, aperture and shutter speed.
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Silver and Light

The documentary video of Silver and Light I had just watched with my class is interesting. Its about a photographer who goes to Yosemite to capture raw images of nature and develop them on a large scale print.  The photographer gets annoyed at some point during the video because of not being able to develop the image exactly as he captures them with his lens . Sadly, he becomes discouraged and feels his inability to produce a quality project. The photographer also mentions how to produce one image is a five hundred dollar expense. However, the project and the passion behind what he does makes it all worth while.

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Discovery Lake

On October 16th 2017, our photography class met at Discovery Lake in San Marcos, California. The park itself is beautiful. Of course on the day our class went was very hot , but bright and sunny so taking pictures was an experiment.  I toyed a bit with my camera to be familiar with settings as well as going in with what kinds of ideas I had in mind for my images. Some of the images I took are of my classmates who were kind enough to volunteer themselves for this project. Again the park was full of photographic opportunities and I took advantage of them. Unfortunately, I could only choose five ,but I choose my best five.

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